Campaigning together to ensure that facts prevail over disinformation and fake news – that is our mission.

Luca Flurin Brunner, Director of the CognitiveValley CognitiveSwitzerland Foundation

As director of a non-profit foundation in the field of artificial intelligence (CognitiveValley), it is particularly important to me that the AI algorithms and the data on which they are based are as free as possible from biases. Furthermore, the social and political debate on the potentials and dangers of AI should be as fact-based and democratic as possible. Let us stand together for a more enlightened, fact-based world!
Of course, we will continue to make wrong decisions in the future; to err is human and, fortunately, so is our diversity of opinions. But wrong decisions and actions should never be based on misinformation, targeted manipulation or fake news. In this sense: #ReclaimTheFacts, now!

Andy Fitze, Dipl. El. Eng HTL EMRT, Executive MBA HSG
Dalith Steiger, Dipl. Math.

In a democracy, the free formation of opinion is the foundation of sustainable decisions.
In his farewell speech, former President of the German Bundestag Norbert Lammert said: “A vital democracy cannot be recognized by the fact that in the end the majority prevails, but that on the way to the decision, minorities get their rights”. Contrary to previous constituted information models, today we are informed omnipresently, paraprofessionally and free of quality. Radical, polarizing, or even deliberately false information is a significant element of this. In order to maintain our democratic awareness, it is therefore essential to devote ourselves to the facts, to provide information security and thus allow an open formation of opinion.

Since 1982 I have been committed to a sustainable economy and way of life, mostly on a voluntary basis. The enormous challenges facing humanity – climate change, overpopulation, energy system transformation, coexistence with artificial intelligence, currently still a pandemic, etc. – can only be overcome if we are guided by facts and by the scientific methodology for interpreting facts. It was science that brought humanity out of the Middle Ages and gave us the prosperity from which – still too few – but more and more people are benefiting. Science leads to innovation, to new solutions. When I observed in the last months, how increasingly, fired by the COVID-19 pandemic, disinformation is driven, past the scientific facts and partly basic physical laws (nature of 5G, greenhouse effect of CO2 etc.), I created this platform. We must not leave decisions about future-oriented projects to the conspiracy believers who use disinformation to unsettle people and specifically combat fact-based decisions. Therefore: let’s #ReclaimTheFacts!

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