How to Deal With Disinformation and Delay Arguments in the Climate Crisis Webinar

Friday, May 5th, 2023 2:00-4:30 pm CET 

How to Deal With Disinformation and Delay Arguments in the Climate Crisis Webinar

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As the upcoming referendum against the climate protection law approaches, there are concerns about a potential wave of disinformation similar to what happened in 2021 when Switzerland voted on its CO2 legislation.

In a recent webinar titled “Wie umgehen mit Desinformation und Verzögerungsargumenten in der Klimakrise?” / “How to deal with disinformation and delay arguments in the climate crisis?”, Marianne Dobner from HalloKlima! and Mathias Hamann from the Institut für Kommunikation und Gesellschaft provided valuable insights on the usual narrative, techniques of misinformation, and how to identify when new information cannot be trusted.

Inspired by their efforts and in close collaboration with climate activists and journalists, ReclaimTheFacts is organizing an identical webinar on “How to Deal with Disinformation and Delay Arguments in the Climate Crisis” to better equip the public and voters before the upcoming votes.

The webinar will include presentations and working groups. Participants will learn practical strategies to recognize and combat disinformation.

ReclaimTheFacts will also collaborate with the Yes campaign and seek their support to promote this webinar. By working together, we can create a more informed public that can make decisions based on reliable information.

Join us for this essential webinar and learn how to protect yourself and others against disinformation in the climate crisis.

The Organizers: These series of workshops are organized by ReclaimThe facts, an initiative dedicated to combatting the spread of disinformation through media and information literacy (MIL).  

Event Language: German

Cost: Free

Who Should Attend: This workshop is specific to Climate Activists and  Specialised Journalists

Let us not be powerless and defenseless witnesses facing a world under constant attack. Let us be more proactive in defending our democratic values.