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Dear Community,

Targeted fake news and disinformation campaigns pose a real danger to our nations: They threaten the stability of our economies- they impact our ability to keep our democracies intact- and our ability to protect the environment from major climate change challenges.

Thus far, they have succeeded in polarizing our societies on vital issues such as managing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also influenced policy decisions on climate change and threatened critical modernization projects, such as upgrading our increasingly overburdened 4G infrastructure, which we depend on for our daily communications.

Although all the evidence for factual information can be found online, today’s social networks accelerate the spread of misinformation at the expense of unbiased and credible information. We can find legitimate resources through scientific organizations and fact-checking websites, but they are not actively disseminated on the Internet. ReclaimTheFacts is here to fill that void.

Our work started by exposing the various myths, sources, and techniques including the Kremlin’s strategies to destabilize Western democracies by spreading fake news and causing doubts and mistrust in institutions and the traditional media about COVID-19, vaccination, 5G and climate change. E.g. The article published in 2020: Russia is Weaponizing Conspiracy Theories

Today, this has changed. First, misinformation and now disinformation is a recurring topic in the media and the public is aware of the fact that you can’t really trust what you read and what you see, unless it comes from a really reliable source. 

However, as much as we can celebrate this success, being dependent on hopefully trustworthy gatekeepers still leaves the public vulnerable to misinformation to a certain extent. What if ownership of trustworthy source changes and misinformation finds its way through the new owner? 

The conclusion is that it’s vital today to educate the public on the various manipulation techniques & strategies so that they can easily discover when they are themselves exposed to propaganda and disinformation. It’s not only crucial for the public to know how to evaluate the trustworthiness of any new piece of information but also to learn and understand the techniques used against them. 


ReclaimTheFacts is a platform, a slogan and a movement

 Donate every time you read disinformation and the money will be used to pay a fact-checking ad!

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  1. In der Zwischenzeit ist Schweden auf der Liste der Staaten mit erhöhtem Ansteckungsrisiko und bei der Einreise in die Schweiz muss man in die Quarantäne.

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