Campaigning for facts

Your Guide to Public Manipulation Techniques and Tools

Media manipulation

Are you tired of seeing disinformation everywhere? Never know who or what to trust? Can’t figure out if what you’ve heard is true? Feel Duped? Then you are in the right place!

You will find below an index of our articles on the main techniques of manipulation which will help you, once you have learned them, to progressively spot misinformation and manipulation in order to stop being tricked:


The Strategy of Distraction

Russia’s Information Operations

Manipulating the News

Building the narrative

Political Trolling

Political Advertising

Creating Doubts

Fake Fact-checking


Data Manipulation & Results Misinterpretation

False Conclusions

Quote Real Sources with False Information

Taking Facts Out of Context and Backing Them Up With Strong Visuals

Creating a Fake Ad Campaign to Support a False News

Inventing People

Fictional Characters

The “Hack and leak“ Method

Hypertrucage & Deepfake Phishing

Photos Manipulation

Video Manipulation

Sensational Spin

False Flag Operations

Cui Bono – “Who Benefits?”


Profiling and Behavioral Advertising

The Role of Influencers

Underground Online Marketplaces and Tools

Online Vote and Petition Manipulation Services

3 Tools to Generate Fake News

The Availability Cascade -How Information Spreads on a Large Scale?

The Metaverse


FUD- Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Reverse Psychology – Getting People to Do Something By Asking for the Opposite


Bullshit Communication & Bullshit Receptivity

4 Common Messaging Techniques Used By Scammers

Fake Online Reviews of Products and Services


Examples of Science Deniers Methods

Deny, Deceive, Delay


The Bandwagon Effect

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