False: Unvaccinated People Are Less Likely To Catch Omicron Than Fully Vaccinated And Boosted

False: Unvaccinated People Are Less Likely To Catch Omicron Than Fully Vaccinated And Boosted


in Switzerland, half of the population could actually catch Covid-19 within a few weeks, Richard Neher, a member of the Federal Task Force, told the SonntagsZeitung. All it takes is for the Omicron variant to continue to spread at the current rate. the contamination rate is likely to exceed 30,000 cases per day this January 2022.

Meanwhile, false claims circulating on social media stating that Covid-19 new variant Omicron affects vaccinated people more than unvaccinated ones. These claims are simply false according to the latest data from the Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation (FOPH):

  • The latest statistics from FOPH show that among people who tested positive for COVID-19, people who are fully vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized than the unvaccinated.
  • Unvaccinated people were more likely, to test positive for a non-omicron version of COVID-19. And the unvaccinated are more likely to test positive for any strain of COVID-19.
  • the Omicron variant represents 64% of cases in Switzerland
  • Data shows a reduced risk of hospitalization for those with the omicron variant compared with the delta variant.

The frequency of hospital admissions in vaccinated patients is at least 90% lower than in non-vaccinated patients

Omicron data

Unvaccinated: orange

Partially vaccinated: light green

Fully vaccinated: green

Hospital admissions in 80+ year olds were 19 times more frequent in the unvaccinated in the last week

Omicron Data

Unvaccinated: orange

Fully vaccinated: green

Check out Covid-19 latest data here

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