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Covid-19: New Vaccine In Patch Form Will Be Tested This Month in Switzerland


A new vaccine against Covid-19, eventually in the form of a patch, will be tested at Unisanté in Lausanne on 26 healthy volunteers from January 102022. It could prove effective against the variants and provide long-term protection against the disease. This new generation vaccine works on a different principle from current vaccines and does not use messenger RNA. It aims to induce cellular immunity rather than antibody production, relying on T cells to eliminate cells infected with the virus and prevent it from replicating.

“The objective is to develop a cellular response against different proteins of SARS-CoV-2, in order to provide a long-lasting and broader protection against the variants,” explains Alix Miauton, clinical head at the Tropical Medicine, Travel and Vaccination Polyclinic at Unisanté. “It is a complementary vaccine to other existing vaccines, which are effective. It is not intended to replace them,” emphasizes the doctor, who is the co-coordinator of this clinical trial.

In order to evaluate the safety of this PepGNP-Covid19 vaccine administered for the first time in humans, Unisanté has been mandated by the British biotech company Emergex Vaccines to carry out this phase 1 clinical study. “The aim is to determine whether the vaccine is safe and whether it does not induce severe side effects in healthy volunteers”, says Alix Miauton.

Approved by Swissmedic, the study will be conducted in Lausanne in collaboration with the Clinical Research Center (CRC) of the CHUV-UNIL and the Immunology and Allergy Department of the CHUV. It is conducted under the responsibility of Professor Blaise Genton, co-chief of the Training, Research and Innovation Department at Unisanté. It will start on Monday, January 10 and each of the 26 volunteers will be followed for six months. The vaccine will be administered through micro-needles less than one millimeter deep,” says Alix Miauton. At this stage, the vaccine is not yet a patch. The first results will be available by this summer, probably in June. If the phase 1 clinical trials, followed by phase 2 and 3, produce satisfactory results, the vaccine in final patch form will be available in 2025 at the earliest.

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