What Is The Cost Of An Unvaccinated Patient In The US?


Vaccines have been free and broadly available in most country for the past few months. Yet, a portion of people stills refuses to get the vaccine – which is entirely free -, and some of them have been getting infected by the virus and ended up at the hospital. Hospitalizations in times of crisis are devastating for both patients, their families and health care providers. Not only do they require the involvement of more people, but they are also costly for the hospitals, which have already gone through a very difficult year. According to a study conducted by the Kaiser Family Foundation, Covid hospitalizations have costed $5.7 Billion dollars in the US in the last three months. In a recent article, Forbes sums up the main results of the research:

Around 187,000 Covid-19 hospitalizations could have been easily prevented by vaccination in August, research by Kaiser found, up from 68,000 in July and 32,000 in June. 

These preventable hospitalizations over the past three months cost the U.S. healthcare system around $5.7 billion, Kaiser estimates based on the average Covid-19 hospital bill of approximately $20,000. 

There are also “substantial” costs for outpatient Covid-19 treatment, the report said, though this was not factored into the analysis. 

The currently available vaccines against Covid are not only free, but they have also all been proven to be effective and safe, despite what a few people are trying to make you believe. Check our blog for more resources on Covid-19.

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