Did Coronavirus Escape From A Laboratory ?


Do not confuse facts with speculations. A year and a half ago, many theories about the actual origin of the coronavirus appeared: was it created in a laboratory, modified and then spread, voluntarily or involuntarily, did it escape during experiments? These questions were eventually pushed back because they were groundless, and they became somewhat quieter. However, the debate has recently been reopened by a WHO report about the true source of the virus, as well as an investigation requested by Joe Biden to find the missing pieces of the puzzle. What if, after all, Covid-19 had originated from a laboratory?

There are three possibilities: either natural development of the virus through animal transmission, accidental spread of the virus from a laboratory, or alteration of the virus in a laboratory that gave it new properties. Although cases of transmitting a virus from animal to human are the most frequent, the analyses have not yet identified the animal responsible for the spread of this particular virus. As far as the laboratory theory is concerned, there is no evidence to date to prove or disprove it. It is difficult to know if a natural virus has been modified or not, and it is also difficult to know if it has escaped or not from somewhere. All in all, the answer to this important question remains unknown.

So no, this does not mean that Covid was created in a laboratory to reduce the world’s population, nor that it is a weapon of war that is part of an evil plan. It simply means that for now, most of the pieces of information circulating about the origin of the virus are only speculations, and that it is necessary not to take them literally until concrete and reliable data is released.

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