How Widespread Are Conspiracy Theories : A Poll


In a recent poll, the website In My Area questioned  991 people about their familiarity with various tech-related theories – including 5g ones. These type of research are really important in a time where theories are so powerful that they can cause misunderstandings, conflicts, and even bombing. And as we know, they have increased tenfold this year.

Close to a quarter of Americans who took the poll believed in at least one 5G conspiracy theory. Even more alarming – but not so surprising anymore, out of nearly 1,000 people surveyed, 2 in 3 heard their first 5G conspiracy theory in the past year. If you look closely at the votes above, you can see that the most widely spread theory is that 5g causes cancer. Other theories, such as the fact that Bill Gates might be behind 5g, or that Covid and 5g are somehow related are apparently widely known – and even believed by some of the voters, as you can see in the right column. Out of the 29% people who answered that they’ve heard 5G kills birds, 19% actually believe it, despite all the fact-cheking articles that have proven this theory to be false.

The report also asked people about more general conspiracy theories that have been around for decades, including the moon landing, reptilians, vaccines and others, as you can see below. To end on an amusing note, hear us out: 40% of those who believe the conspiracy theories in this survey are currently… using 5G. Ironic, isn’t it?

Read the full survey here.

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