Is there a connection between a laboratory in Wuhan and GlaxoSmithKline, Pfizer, Bill Gates and George Soros?


The answer is no. As reported, a chain email in German speaking countries spread fake news alleging a connection between a laboratory in Wuhan, pharmaceutical companies and high-status people. It is apparently supposed to prove that there is a major conspiracy surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, but it largely consists of misinformation.

The chain e-mail is also circulating in Switzerland. It was disseminated on March 15 by the “Association of Citizens for Citizens.” This association is notorious for regularly sending out fake news in order to create emotional reactions in readers, spread disinformation, advertise their agenda, and currently disperse a referendum against “marriage for all.” You can no longer see who the recipients of the newsletter are, but a year ago there was a list of members of the national, state and local parliaments that it was sent to. You could find it in the address line of the e-mail, so the creator of ReclaimTheFacts, Peter Metzinger aka Mr. Campaigning contacted the sender. However, their discussion was fruitless because the sender was resistant to accepting facts that contradicted the conspiracy.

Click here for the best way to see what is wrong specifically with the wild assertions made by chain email on

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