The Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported yesterday that it is often the same people who spread false information about COVID-19 and vaccinations, and also about 5G. After we recently corrected misinformation about the planned mRNA vaccine, which was criticised by vaccination sceptics, it might be worthwhile to take another look at the other topic that has become the focus of conspiracy myths in connection with the pandemic: 5G. There are three new articles that correct the main misinformation. Unfortunately they are all in German, but you can use for a perfect translation.

“I will sabotage the 5G antennas”
How conspiracy theories get into Switzerland
With the Corona pandemic, the myths surrounding the 5G mobile phone standard have become even more prevalent. In Switzerland too. A look at the anti-5G scene – and how it has slipped into dubious milieus.
You can read about it here.

5G, climate change & corona
Profiteers, affected persons and political actors are not suitable as fact-finders
Facts are not just there – they must be established. This is the responsibility of science. But increasingly, dubious actors want to wrest the sovereignty of interpretation from science. A commentary.
Read it here.

The following article is from Austria, but the content can easily be transferred to Switzerland, because there is also an “official” report, the “Report of the Mobile Telecommunication Working Group”.

Parliamentary report on 5G mobile radio
Why the Parliamentary report on 5G mobile communications and health is not an argument against 5G.
Read it here.