Fact Checking What Conspiracy Theorists Want You to Think


According to Vox, conspiracy news sites like Les Moutons Enragés started pushing for a  rebellion against 5G in early 2020. They created fake fact filled stories creating a link between 5G and COVID-19 that spread across Europe. They used the coincidence of 5G being installed in Wuhan at the same time that COVID-19 was labelled a pandemic as their proof. 

Conspiracy sources on social media and even some mainstream media have begun to report on these fake fact riddled conspiracies by mistake or intentionally. Therefore, it is important to fact check in order to avoid falling for false news. 

For example, Russian propaganda websites like RT and Sputnik have been publishing any conspiracy theory related to 5G that they could find since early 2019. Cornell’s Alliance For Science reports that this could be a tactic to prevent other countries from adopting 5G and, therefore, fall behind technologically. 

Oftentimes, the same conspiracy theorists who spread false information about COVID-19 and vaccinations as those who spread it about 5G. With groups like Qanon adopting any conspiracy theory they can find. Recently, we corrected misinformation about the planned mRNA vaccine

There are three new articles that fact check the main sources of misinformation. They are all in German, so you can use deepl.com for a perfect translation or switch to english when google translate prompts you.

“I will sabotage the 5G antennas: How Conspiracy Theories Get Into Switzerland”

This article tackles the issue of how conspiracy theories got into Switzerland. The COVID-19 pandemic has made the conspiracy theories surrounding the 5G mobile phone network even more prevalent in Switzerland.

Read it here.

“Profiteers, Those Affected And Political Actors Are Unsuitable As Fact Investigators”

This article explains why certain people are not always trustworthy as fact-finders. Facts do not appear out of thin air, they must be backed up by credible scientific research. Increasingly, dubious actors have attempted to be the interpreters and creators of facts.

Read it here.

“Why The Parliament Report On 5G Mobile Communications And Health Is Not A Good Argument Against 5G”

The following article is from Austria, but the content can be applied to Switzerland. It discusses the “official” report, the “Report of the Mobile Telecommunication Working Group,” which is a parliamentary report on 5G mobile radio. The report is not an adequate argument against 5G.

Read it here.

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