Never before have people possessed so much knowledge as today – and this knowledge is increasingly coming into disrepute.

While the world is experiencing the greatest crisis of the past decades, more and more people are falling into the delusion of conspiracy ideologies. They believe that the new corona virus is a bioweapon or, alternatively, a gigantic lie by governments. Vapor trails are chemtrails spread with malicious intent by “powerful people”. Climate change is an interest-driven myth. The list could go on.

One pillar of society, of all people, is caught in the crossfire, namely science, which provides facts that have been established seriously and with objective methods.

Reason enough for astrophysicist Harald Lesch and science journalist Dirk Steffens to investigate what is the breeding ground for conspiracy myths and how they can be exposed. And it is not always easy to distinguish lie from truth. Unfortunately, for our English speaking readers, this video is only in German.

On an exciting journey through the world of conspiracy ideologies, Lesch and Steffens encounter stories of “flatlanders”, chemtrailers and climate deniers. They immerse themselves in the world of the Knights Templar, explore secret machinations of the CIA and investigate what the plague has to do with conspiracy beliefs.

They experience how conspiracy theories divide society and make it more difficult to reach a social consensus. But for Lesch and Steffens it is clear: giving up is not an option. For there is something that is always worthwhile: fighting for the truth.

In this logic, one should actually not speak of conspiracy theories either, because these myths and legends have nothing in common with theories. That is why we usually use the term conspiracy myths.

In this sense: #ReclaimTheFacts

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