Fact-checking Infographic Guide

Fact-checking Infographic Guide


In today’s world with the massive amount of fake news flooding mainstream and social media, we are all in danger of falling for misinformation. This is especially true when new information seems so critical that we feel the need to share it immediately despite the fact that we have not read the full article or fact-checked it.

Fake news stories are often written in a style aiming to create a sense of immediacy so that people do not do a proper fact check.

In moments where a headline seems astounding, we must pause, take a deep breath, and do a proper background check. It may seem difficult to go through the process of fact-checking, so ReclaimTheFacts is here to help.

To make fact-checking quick and easy, ReclaimTheFacts developed the following infographic, which guides you through the process of verifying a source and is intended to ensure that you feel confident sharing the source with others. It is also available here as a pdf.

It has resources to fact-check everything from the photos used to the person responsible for the post. It may take a little bit more time, but in the long run you can help to stop the spread of sensationalized news.

We welcome all feedback and we hope that you guys can actually find the fun in fact-checking.

Have fun with it. Feedback welcome.

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