Who is doing targeted disinformation with dead birds and why?


The Internet, which we initially celebrated as a blessing for democracy and development because we hoped it would provide free access to humanity’s knowledge, is increasingly becoming a battleground for targeted disinformation campaigns. Anyone can spread the biggest nonsense here, too many do just that and for a long time already you can no longer believe what you read or see on the net. One can only speculate about the backgrounds and back men (or women), but to unmask the mechanisms is not very difficult.

“Backgrounds and back men”? – No, we are not conspiracy nuts. But we do raise the question of how certain video portals on YouTube manage to produce a show every day that is so professionally made that it looks like a news show on TV. We cannot and must not ignore this fact.

Paradoxically, it is precisely this professional presentation that gives credibility to those who have turned their backs on the so-called mainstream media, the followers of conspiracy myths. Who finances these daily broadcasts? This is a question that needs to be asked.

What is not striking is that all these video channels, as well as numerous Facebook, Telegram and other groups are spreading the same misinformation. What is striking is that it can only be false information that has been deliberately and deliberately produced, that fights important future projects and divides our societies.

We would like to demonstrate this in concrete terms using an example.

In recent weeks, thousands of articles with pictures of dead birds have been distributed, together with the information that these fell from the sky en masse in Croatia after the activation of 5G with a frequency of 7.4 GHz. (Can be read here – in German; use deepl.com to translate.) Here you can find a television report on the topic.

Just like numerous other stories about birds allegedly killed by 5G – in most cases there was not even a 5G network – this story is demonstrably false.

First of all, 7.4 GHz is not a frequency used for 5G.

Second, and more obvious, the photos were already published by Italian media on 3 and 4 February 2020, which is easy to verify (Il Messaggero, Roma Today , La Repubblica). So they are not from Croatia.

The articles deal with the fact that trees have fallen due to strong gusts of wind – and with the trees also birds that had built their nests in the branches.

On Google Maps you can check the place where the photos were taken (Viale del Policlinico, Rome) and compare it with the photos.

Especially exciting: The same pictures were misused earlier; they were already circulating in the social media in April. Also at that time a connection to 5G was already falsely made. More information about fake news in connection with 5G and dead birds can be found here.

Also in connection with COVID-19, a lot of fake information was produced and spread.

The question remains, who and why is doing specific disinformation about 5G, COVID-19 and also climate change.

One hypothesis is that it is a means of hybrid warfare, also known as public diplomacy, with the aim of hindering our societies in their economic development and dividing us internally.

If we look at what the disinformation about COVID-19 and 5G has done and believe in this hypothesis, we can only conclude that the strategy has worked out very well – with thousands of COVID-19 deaths as a result and a blockade in the construction of a systemically relevant and important infrastructure for the future.

But this is only one hypothesis that has yet to be proven. We are curious to see what new facts the future will bring to answer this question. In the meantime, we will continue to combat misinformation in connection with socially relevant future issues by actively disseminating the correct facts.

Join in, right now.


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