Warning against sweeping defamation of protests against Corona restrictions


Media scientist Bernhard Pörksen warns against devaluing the demonstrators in reports about protests against Corona restrictions. He emphasizes that “in these times of “general irritation”, the middle class is challenged as rarely before. We must learn something that could be called the “future virtue of respectful confrontation” – not to duck away, but also not to enter the “devaluation spiral” in the reaction. One must not allow the climate of communication in the middle of society to be determined by the loud, the angry and also the conspiracy theorists”.

Indeed, we must not allow ourselves to be provoked, but rather, as they say, “hard on the subject, friendly in tone” and always direct the discussion to the bare facts, to what can really be checked and proven. Conspiracy theorists hardly allow themselves to be moved by this to deviate from their opinions (“Quote: “What do I care about your facts, I have a right to my own opinion”). But at least with this approach we can perhaps prevent one or the other of these people from being infected by the conspiracy virus.

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