Reclaim The Facts, Reclaim The Future


It’s a crazy time! Especially now it is important to look ahead, to recognize the opportunities in the crisis and to actively shape the future. A future that should be more sustainable and more crisis-resistant than the illusion in which we have been living up to now.

X27 – the meaningful Swiss national exhibition today calls on you to become active now and work with us on ideas for a new and sustainable Switzerland.

At the same time we are launching ReclaimTheFacts today. We are people who have had enough of losing friends to conspiracy theorists and are instead committed to a policy that is based on facts.

Whether climate change, COVID-19, 5G, vaccinations, contrails, etc. – on all these topics, false information, misunderstandings, videos with manipulatively twisted or packaged facts and lots of conspiracy myths are haunting the net.

One can take note of all this, knowing that unfortunately, fellow human beings infected by this infodemia can no longer be saved. It becomes problematic, however, when they build up resistance to measures to combat the pandemic, when they combat sensible measures for climate protection or hinder technological progress.

Many of us have had to experience with horror in recent weeks how acquaintances and friends have been infected by false information and conspiracy myths and then spread these further and infected more and more people. The more they were confronted with facts, the more vehemently they defended partly unimaginably abstruse conspiracy myths. Friendships were lost. But more and more people also joined forces to work together against the spread of madness and to publicly correct misinformation.

This platform was created for these people. In the coming weeks it will be set up, with links to fact-check pages, own fact-checks and possibilities to get involved.

We are currently designing a logo for ReclaimTheFacts. We would also be interested in which topics you are interested in. Input is welcome. Just send an e-mail to

ReclaimTheFacts is slogan, platform and movement.

Today, Reclaim The Future, Reclaim The Facts

Hashtag: #ReclaimTheFacts

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