We do not want to leave the interpretation of the world and important decisions about our future to conspiracy believers and manipulative disseminators of false information.

We are fighting for the achievements of the Enlightenment – for science and facts to regain the significance they deserve; for politics and business to decide on the basis of verifiable facts and not on the basis of misinformation, half-knowledge, misunderstandings, insinuations, false conclusions, twisted facts or even conspiracy myths.

We are guided by the principles of scientific information processing.

When we disseminate information, we disclose the sources and declare what kind of information is involved: facts, statements or conclusions, or speculation and conjecture. We avoid repeating misinformation or innuendo.

In this way, we want to contribute to leaving a better world for our children and grandchildren.

ReclaimTheFacts is platform, slogan and movement.

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  1. In der Zwischenzeit ist Schweden auf der Liste der Staaten mit erhöhtem Ansteckungsrisiko und bei der Einreise in die Schweiz muss man in die Quarantäne.

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