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Targeted fake news and disinformation campaigns represent real danger to our nations today. They threaten the stability of our economies, our ability to protect the environment from major climate change issues as well as keeping our democracies intact.

So far, they have succeeded in dividing our societies on vital issues such as managing the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have also impacted political decision making with regards to climate change. And currently, they threaten pivotal modernization projects such as the update of our increasingly overburdened 4G infrastructure, which we rely on for everyday communication.

While all the evidence for factual information is online, current social networks accelerate the spread of misinformation at the cost of unbiased, credible information. We can find legitimate resources through scientific outlets and fact checking websites, but it is not actively disseminated through the internet. ReclaimTheFacts is here to fill that gap. 

We are campaigning so that science and facts can reclaim the gravity that they deserve. Additionally, politics and business can be conducted using verified facts instead of misinformation, half-truths, misunderstandings, insinuations, false conclusions, twisted facts, manipulations, or conspiracy theories.

ReclaimTheFacts utilizes the principles of scientific information processing. But we do not claim to be the producers of these truths. We rely on scientific evidence and on demonstrably reliable fact-checkers. Our mission is to make their knowledge available to the broader public.

When we disseminate information, we always disclose the sources and clearly state what type of information is involved: facts, statements or conclusions, or speculation and conjecture. We ensure that our information does not repeat misinformation or unsubstantiated insinuations.

Our mission is to leave a better world for our children and grandchildren.

ReclaimTheFacts is campaigning to promote science, fact-checkers and to combat fake news. 

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  1. In der Zwischenzeit ist Schweden auf der Liste der Staaten mit erhöhtem Ansteckungsrisiko und bei der Einreise in die Schweiz muss man in die Quarantäne.

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